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gsCookie Leader

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Simplify Girl Scout cookie season with gsCookie.If you are a Girl Scout troop leader or volunteer as a troop cookie manager then gsCookie Leader is for you.
Introducing gsCookie Leader, the mobile solution that helps Girl Scout troop leaders or cookie managers, organize and track cookie distribution and payments between the troop and scouts. Take some of the stress out of managing the details so you can focus more on supporting the Girl Scout troop members as they learn the business side of cookie season.
Created by an experienced Girl Scout cookie-selling family who volunteers as their troop cookie manager. Special care was taken to make sure the app is simple to use yet full of time saving features. gsCookie Leader enables you to view troop cookie inventory on-hand, monitor cookies going to and being returned from scouts, track scout payments to the troop for cookies sold and note cookie booth sales.
*View a list of features below and please check out the other editions in the gsCookie suite of apps; gsCookie Family and gsCookie Booth.
[Features]Setup and help:-- Simple two-step setup process has you up and running quickly.-- Internet connection is not required except when using email features.-- Customizable cookie list. -- View a detailed help screen in each section.
Manage cookie inventory:--Track all of the cookie inventory coming in and going out of the troop between the council, troop and individual scouts. --Quick view screens show, by cookie type, how many boxes the troop has received, where they went, and how many boxes are on-hand.
Overview of each troop member- --At a glance see each scout’s details: -Total cookies received from and returned to the troop. -Money turned in to the troop and the remaining balance owed. -Cookie sale credits earned from cookie booth participation.--Email a summary to individual scouts with their cookie activity, including how many boxes they have received and returned to the troop along with payments they have made and balance owed.
Cookie booths:--Keep a summary of the cookies sold and donations received at each cookie booth. --Enter cookie sale credits earned by each scout for participating in cookie booths.--[For more tools managing and running cookie booths, check out the gsCookie Booth app.]
Record keeping:--Email the details of your cookie season directly from the app to save for your records or to share with others.
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